I want to learn French

You are shy.
You prefer not to use Skype.
You learn better with writing.
You love writing and reading.
Your learning style is rather analytical.
You like to learn from your mistakes to improve yourself.
You want to work your French quietly whenever you want wherever you want.
Your level is false-beginner or intermediate (A2-B1).

Then you’ll like my proposal!

Here’s the double feedback by email.

What is the double feedback by email?

Double feedback by email is a way to improve your French by receiving two constructive comments on your written production that you have submitted to a French coach. And I am your French coach 😉

to learn French

How exactly does it work?

1. You send me a text in French by email.
2. I highlight the errors (with a color code for problems of idioms, spelling, grammar, style) and give some pointers for improvement. I send you this feedback.
3. You work on your text and you send me a corrected version of your text.
4. I take your text back, correct the latest errors and give you some more ways to avoid repeating these mistakes in the next text, or to improve the style of your text.

There you go! With this double feedback by email, you not only work on your written French, and also consciously you improve your mastery of the French language. It is this awareness that forms the great advantage of this way of doing things

– You become aware of your mistakes in French.
– You seek to improve these mistakes yourself while being guided by a coach.
– You make your own grammar only on the points which are still difficult for you and on which you must pay your attention.
– You practice going back and forth between practice and theory.

This awareness and back-and-forth between practice and theory is a strong way to progress in French!

In a few words:

1. You send me your text.
Attention: for more efficiency on both sides (you, the learner, and me, the coach), the length of your text should be
– 100 words minimum
– 300 words maximum

2. I highlight your text with a color system:
yellow: grammatical error
– blue: spelling error
– green: lexical or style error

3. I give you specific leads/ways to improve your text (grammatical, lexical tracks)

4. You correct your text and send it back to me.

5. I review your text, and I correct the remaining errors by giving you one last feedback.

Example of text sent by the learner

Example of text highlighted by coach

Example of feedback
=> use a French dictionary and grammar (paper book or internet https://www.wordreference.com for the dictionary and grammar https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/French_grammar or https://francais.lingolia.com/en/grammar )

– check the spelling of the words highlighted in blue
– find out how age is given in French; we don’t use the verb ‘to be’ in French…
– review the rule of place prepositions with country names
– attention to the use of article in front of the names
– style: the negation in formal French
– use of the verb ‘faire’ with sports names
– agreement of adjectives

Corrected text

Obviously, it would be useless, for your learning, to use an automatic corrector, or a machine translation machine … That goes without saying!

No text idea? No problem, I can give you many ideas to test your written skills:
– introduce yourself
– tell the story of yesterday’s
– say what you’re going to do tomorrow
– tell the story of his holidays
– tell a weekend
– your plans for the future
– talk about your hobby
– talk about your pet
– send an invitation and explain the program
– etc.

What if your text good or quite good is ? Then I will offer you another opportunity to write another text with extra difficulties for the same price.

What rate?

Your first double feedback is free !!!

By this way you will be able to realize the quality of the coaching and the interest for you to improve your French in this way.

Then you can buy a pack of 5 double feedback : 97 euros (=87 GBP = 107 USD)

5 coaching double feedback by email

Or, you can buy a pack of 10 double feedback : 167 euros (=149 GBP = 185 USD)

10 coaching double feedback by email

With double feedback coaching you not only improve your writing skills, but also
– your theoretical and practical knowledge of the French language
– your command/mastering of the French expression in general
– your confidence in you to express yourself in French in writing but also in oral

The best investment is in yourself! It’s in your own training! So you have to take your life in your hands! We have to do something!
And to act while being well accompanied, it’s ideal! That’s why a language coach to improve your French is a good plan!

And if you want, after this double feedback by email coaching, improve your expression and your understanding of French spoken, do not hesitate to contact me for my multimedia coaching offers.

Thank you for your trust,
Merci beaucoup,
Jérôme Paul
créateur du français illustré - Jérôme Paul

for more information : jerome@lefrancaisillustre.com

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