Did you have French lessons at school, but without success?
And you dream to speak French?

Now you have decided: you want to (re)learn French before it’s too late.
This is your new goal!

You said to yourself:

I want to (re)learn French with a native speaker.
I will spend effective time on this goal.

Because I want it.

I am ready to devote time every day to my new goal.
I am even ready to create time for myself:
– time in front of my computer screen on the internet
– and during a Skype course,
– but also on public transport, or when I play sports or even when I watch television
I am also ready to create at home an environment full of French.

Yes, it’s all nice, but how are you going to organize yourself?
Don’t you need someone …
– to facilitate this organization and this learning?
– to help you reach your goal?

You say to yourself: I need a French teacher and a French coach!

The Français illustré can help you!
I can help you!
I am a french teacher.
I can coach you in your learning.

And in addition I’m French and the creator of the blog of the Français illustré.


Who exactly am I?
My name is Jérôme Paul. I’m French, but I live in the Netherlands where I teach French at a Montessori school. I have more than 25 years of experience teaching French as a foreign language. I am the creator of the Youtube channel Le français illustré. I’m behind the blog Le français illustré.

The coaching with the Français illustré is not only a French course, it is also an accompaniment in your learning, in your development of French. The language coach is much more than a language teacher, he is someone who is there to motivate you, to make your life easier in your learning.


– 1 Skype session of 30 minutes (language course + conversation + coaching)
– 7 Whatsapp exchanges (1 per day)
– 1 email for reading
– 1 email with interactive online exercises
– 1 email with a schedule of videos / audios links for a daily exposure.

How much will it cost you?
It will cost you at least an hour a day. That’s at least seven hours a week. But you can easily do 10 hours of French a week with my multimedia support, including the weekly Skype session. So 10 hours of French for 48 euros a week. 4,80 euros per hour is acceptable.

What does a coaching week look like?

Week 1
Day 1: Skype conversation/course/coaching
Day 2: Email 1: schedule of the video/audio links + message Whatsapp
Day 3: Whatsapp message
Day 4: Email 2: interactive exercises online + message Whatsapp
Day 5: Whatsapp message
Day 6: Email 3: reading + Whatsapp message
Day 7: Whatsapp message
Week 2
Day 1: Skype conversation / course / coaching with evaluation of week 1 and focus of week 2
Day 2: etc …

A special rate to start with…

I propose a special rate for the first week: 37 euros (40 USD – 33 GBP – 54 CAD – 59 AUD) to get to know each other, to test the coaching program of the Français illustré. So 37 euros for ten hours of French is very acceptable. If you are satisfied, you can buy a pack of 4 weeks of coaching, or 192 euros for a month of multimedia coaching with the Français illustré

But I would like to draw your attention to that: places are limited. With my job as a French teacher in a Montessori school, with the creation of videos for the Français illustré, with the blog of the Français illustré, and also with my family life, I only want to take five coaching students. It’s not much, but it reinforces the care I can take to you.

As you read this announcement, there is still room for: 5 students (since I just started coaching).
[if the 5 places are already taken, then send me an email right away so that I put you on a waiting list… and who knows if I’m not going to increase the number of my students…]

How to proceed ?

You send me a message (info@lefrancaisillustre.com) saying that you are interested in the language coaching of the Français illustré. I will answer you to get to know each other, to set the first goals and a date for the first conversation by Skype. … and buy at least one week multimedia coaching !

Yes, I want to try the coaching of the Français illustré Discovery One Week formula : 37 euros (168 GBP – 212 USD)

Try the Multimedia French coaching

I have already taken the first coaching pack, and I want to continue with a new pack of 4 weeks: 192 euros (212 USD –  168 GBP)

4 Multimedia French Coaching

Thank you very much for your trust.
Jérôme Paul,
Creator of the Français illustré 

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