le français illustré

Le français illustré

Start learning French in a simple, natural and visual way

Mon rêve, c'est de parler français

Experience the power of illustrations to learn French!


On this blog you will find another way Google (Noto Emoji v2.028)

a simple and natural way Google (Android 11.0) to learn French FrenchGoogle (Noto Emoji v2.028)

If you are bored OpenMoji 13.1 with the traditional methodsGoogle (Noto Emoji v2.028)

you are here on the right place 🎯 :

with illustrations OpenMoji 13.1 videos OpenMoji 13.1games  Twitter (Twemoji 13.1) you will learn French 

according to your style of learning.OpenMoji 13.1


J'aime les croissants
Je vois la Tour Eiffel
Dehors il neige

The Français illustré is for those who want to acquire French

► like a child learns its mother tongue

► but a little faster

► without complicated words explaning grammar rules

► with a simple, direct and visual approach (the most developped sens in human beings).


The Français illustré is not for those who

► loves the traditional, school-based approach to learning French

► loves learning French with grammar, exercices and vocabulary lists

► are fond of learning by writing texts and reading schoolbooks

« I teach French to beginners in a simple, natural and visual way.»


Je suis Jérôme, 

le créateur du Français illustré. 

A Frenchman who lives 

and teaches French 

in the Netherlands. 

If you are a beginner learner of French, 

le Français illustré (illustrated French) is for you, because:

  • you understand what you are learning thanks to simple illustrations 😃
  • you learn the most common words and structures of everyday French 😍
  • you retain words and structures through repetition without realizing it 🤩

Do not hesitate to contact me 

if you have a question or a need relating to your French learning.

Send an email to jerome@lefrancaisilllustre.com 

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