my very first real French conversation

Imagine something amazing.

You are a beginner in French (that means you don’t know a lot of words yet, but that’s normal, maybe you’ve never even spoken French).

But you discover the solution that, in 21 days, allows you to have your first conversation in French for half an hour!

That would be great! No ?

Unbelievable? Impossible? No, not at all, it’s completely possible!

But you’re going to say to me: « Jérôme, that’s a nice idea, this solution in 21 days.

But it’s not for me. »

  • Maybe you’re shy.
  • Maybe you already have difficulty to speak in public, so in French it’s unthinkable.
  • Maybe you already have difficulty to speak in public, so in French it’s unthinkable.
  • It is likely that you have already tried miracle solutions for French, and it did not work.
  • It is likely that the first time you had to speak French, it was a disaster and you felt ashamed.
  • It’s likely that you’ve been a ‘beginner’ for a while and do not feel you are making any progress.
It's not easy

However, is this a reason to do nothing, if your desire is to be able to speak French?

If you do nothing, you will not get very far with French, that is obvious.

If you don’t find a way to speak French in a safe and caring environment, you will reinforce the idea that you will never be able to speak French.

And all that time wasted learning vocabulary and doing grammar exercises for nothing, not even knowing how to say who you are in French.

Not to mention the way people around you may not take you seriously when you want to start a new project.

To do nothing is to engage in a negative spiral… and you can say goodbye to French.

It's difficult to speak French.

Once again, you’ll say to me: « But, Jérôme, I’ve taken action. I’ve done things! »

I’m not saying the opposite!

  • You may have bought books to learn French. Methods with texts, vocabulary lists and grammar. For speaking French, this is not ideal.
  • You have probably set yourself a goal too broad to begin with: to speak everyday French fluently with everyone in France. You have to be realistic, it’s a great long-term goal that should be cut into many smaller, simpler goals…
  • You may have bought a course on the internet, but there was no one to correct your mistakes and tell you what to do to improve yourself. And so you went around in circles with your mistakes, not sure if you did it right.

Your problem is not your ability to learn vocabulary or grammar.

Your problem is not your willingness to speak French.

Your problem is that you lack a reassuring support and above all the final feedback in kindliness.

Your problem

Because the key to being able to speak French is

  • set small goals over short periods of time
  • have content adapted to these objectives
  • know the right communication strategies in French so as not to waste time
  • have the right mindset
  • and have a reassuring support and be able to take the time with a benevolent specialist who will validate your knowledge through practice.

This is why I created the course

« My very first real French conversation »

my very first real French conversation

It’s a 21-day training: 20 days of useful and strategic learning, and the 21st day: a conversation in French – your first real conversation in French with a French person (with me, on Zoom or Skype)

The goal is very simple: to be able to present yourself in French and to get to know a French person. That’s concrete and it’s accessible in 21 days.

But there is also a secret purpose.

And it is twofold:

  • to make sure that you gain confidence in learning French,
  • and to have the satisfaction of finally speaking French!
Yes I can !

Such a positive experience is priceless. This will be the beginning of a more effective learning process as your mindset will be oriented towards success.

Such a positive experience is the beginning of a virtuous spiral: since you have overcome your fear of speaking French, you will be able to speak even more French, and then your level will increase by the day.

How proud you will be to show others what you have achieved, and how you will be able to manage on your own in French, perhaps making a few mistakes, but still speaking with ease.

And you can choose your option:

The « My very first real French conversation » course is built, whichever option you choose, on a 20-day learning process…

step by step, hand in hand: thanks to worksheets, I show you what to do at every moment

… with a visual presentation of French: I use the principle of illustrated French to make learning French easier

… with a logical progression: we obviously start with your name to extend the conversation to your hobbies, your preferences, the other languages you speak and even your pets

… with time for revision: if there are 12 lessons with new content, there are also 8 days devoted to revision – essential for mastering the content

… with, per day of content, the progressive method of the 3 phases: phase 1 – learn the minimum of French in order to be able to speak about yourself in French; Phase 2 – learn to answer simple questions; phase 3 – learn how to ask questions

… with an original system of videos to train you to speak: you will feel like you are talking to me, and you will also be so used to seeing me, that on the 21st day, I will no longer be a stranger to you.

… with a feedback at the end of these 20 days of learning (which no online training offers).

positive feedback

This is « The right basics » option: a mix of autonomy and guidance that provides you with the content you need to succeed in your challenge.

logo formation my very first real French conversation - formule 1

If you choose the « Hand in hand learning » option, you opt for more security in the preparation of your final conversation. The “Hand in hand learning” training also offers:

logo formation my very first real French conversation formule 2

But you can also choose the « Premium » package, which offers you the support of a coach, like a sports coach. In addition to the extra services of the « Hand in hand learning » version (unlimited emails and audio feedback), the « Premium » package offers 7 training sessions of 20 minutes each in the form of a workout after each revision session: with your French teacher, online, you work on your pronunciation, for example.

logo formation my very first real French conversation formule 3

The « My very first real French conversation » course is therefore…

  • peace of mind in your learning thanks to a step-by-step progression, hand in hand, with a strong framework
  • getting to know me before you even speak to me (which will facilitate your first sentences in French)
  • the possibility to ask me questions by email (for the Hand in hand learning and Premium options)
  • the joy of having overcome your fear of speaking
  • the joy of having really spoken French for half an hour
  • the satisfaction of having achieved a good goal
  • a gain in confidence in your ability to learn and speak French

Happiness 😉


But is it really for you?

Is it for me?

But it’s for you if…

  • It is not for you if you are no longer a beginner in French.
  • It’s not for you if you expect a grammar course.
  • It’s not for you if you can’t stand having your mistakes corrected.
  • It’s not for you if you only have 5 minutes a day to learn French.
  • You are a complete beginner (you have never learned French) -> this is for you
  • You are what we call a false beginner (you have already learned a little, but it doesn’t work) -> this is for you
  • You are able to free up time to follow the lessons in order by following the instructions in the worksheets -> this is for you
  • You can apply yourself to follow the training conscientiously, but 20 days is a bit short because of your schedule, but in 30 days it is feasible -> it is for you
  • You need to be accompanied and reassured -> this is for you
  • You want to be able to speak French in a safe, friendly environment -> this is for you
  • You have never spoken French because it scares you -> Don’t worry, I am here to reassure you.

As soon as you have started the course, I will take you, hand in hand, step by step towards the final achievement of your goal:

having your first real conversation in French.

And I stay for all the training at your disposal to answer your emails if you have any questions.

The great advantage of the « My very first real French conversation » course is precisely this conversation.

During these 30 minutes you will be able to put directly into practice what you have learned (this is almost never the case with all the trainings on the internet, even less after buying books to learn French).

During these 30 minutes, I will not only be the best person for your first conversation, I will also be the person who will help you correct your mistakes and tell you what to do to avoid them later. So there will be moments of coaching.

After these 30 minutes, you will have a smile for the rest of the day, for the rest of the week, for the rest of your learning of French.

Feedback, coaching, satisfaction, happiness… what could be better at this last moment of training?

a conversation in French

« My Very First Real French Conversation » is 20 days of thoughtful, useful, concrete, accompanied preparation, and on the 21st day, a conversation you will remember for a long time.

At what price ? Let’s recap:

les 3 formules

You can find samples of the course in the additional description of each package after clicking on it.

  • an example of a lesson
  • an example of a worksheet
  • an example of an audio file
  • an example of video input
  • an example of oral expression training video

But that’s not all: I also offer you two additional BONUS products:

☛ (se) présenter (quelqu’un) – easy reading

It’s 15 fully illustrated texts to help you acquire this essential aspect of social exchanges:  how to introduce yourself or how to introduce someone. After the acquisition phase, where comprehensible input plays a key role, you will be able to read these texts without the use of illustrations.Then you can move on to production by introducing yourself and introducing someone. To do this, you can use the key phrases and basic vocabulary. (a very useful 55 page guide for beginners)

☛ (se) presenter (quelqu’un) – listen and repeat

These 360 sentences and more, namely a sound file of 39 minutes, will help you gain confidence when it comes to speaking French to someone. If you don’t know a word, consult the illustrated French lexicon (a French word explained by an illustration). And if, finally, you feel the need to read what you have repeated and learned, you will be able to read the text of these 360 sentences (373 sentences to be exact).

Now, how does it work?

  • 1. Click below on the option that suits you best, follow the instructions, fill in your details
  • 2. The course will immediately be added to your member area
  • 3. You will have access at any time, even after your first conversation in French

I choose the option « The right basics »

logo formation my very first real French conversation - formule 1

I choose the option « Hand in hand learning »

logo formation my very first real French conversation formule 2

I choose the option « Premium »

logo formation my very first real French conversation formule 3

Do you want to have an overview of the course content (a lesson, a worksheet, an illustrated video in French, a video to practice speaking) and you want to know the essential introductory document « How to proceed? » Then click here.

Now it’s up to you: just click on one of the options to access the training platform.

Oh, one last thing… once you have acquired « My very first real French conversation », all I ask you to do is to go all the way in order to apply you have learned, with me, during your … very first real French conversation.

Without action on your part, no result!

Merci de votre attention, Jérôme

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