French Survival Kit

• Don’t block in French anymore…
• Don’t stand on a frustration because you’re missing a French word…
• Don’t despair because you couldn’t answer someone in French…

You have the feeling that you can’t survive in French…
… and still you want to progress in French !



Beginner or not in French,

• have you ever experienced frustrations when you wanted to speak French?

• did you feel ridiculous because you couldn’t understand someone in French?

• have you ever been in the situation where you were ignored because you didn’t spoke French enough?

• have you ever missed a train, an appointment, an opportunity because you couldn’t get someone who spoke French to repeat?


You don’t have enough French yet, so

• you don’t dare to speak when you’re in a French-speaking country,

• you are not sure if you can get by in a French-speaking country.

• worse, you no longer dare to go on holiday to a French-speaking country,

• you think you will never make progress.


And in addition,

• maybe you are shy

• you dare not open your mouth

• you don’t know what to do (the right strategies)

• you still believe that you have to master French to be able to speak it

• you spent hours in grammar books but still you can’t apply the rules

• you spent weeks with language methods without daring to pronounce a ten-word sentence


Jane has finally arrived in France. She managed to take a 15-day vacation with John, her husband, to go to Paris and Provence. They have an appointment with John’s French colleagues. This is great, especially since Jane prepared this holiday with books to learn French. With what she learned in school, it should be fine. However, on the spot, it’s a disaster. Jane can’t open her mouth to say a few words. Something is blocking. So it’s John who’s speaking. He does very well in French. Jane stays back. She feels like an idiot. The others talk, they laugh. But not Jane. If at least she had tools to overcome this situation! Even being able to speak a beginner’s French would be great: she could participate and live the vacation she had dreamed of.

French survival Kit - basic needs

Now Imagine that…

  • you have the right mindset that allows you to go beyond your fear of speaking?

  • you know the strategies that help you get out of your comfort zone (not saying a single word in French) to dare to talk

  • you master the techniques to interact with your interlocutors so that they adapt their speech to your level?

  • you know the strategies to compensate for a lack of vocabulary, to get you out of a complex grammatical structure?

  • you become aware of the elements that can facilitate your understanding of French?

  • you are offered the basic vocabulary and sentences to get you out of all everyday situations?

This mindset, these strategies, these techniques, these basic everyday sentences, that’s what you need to survive in a French-speaking country, but above all to help you to improve your French!

This is what the French Survival Kit brings you:
the means to speak French
without fear,
without frustration,
whatever your level in French.
And on top of that,
you will improve your French considerably.

French Survival Kit - Strategies

French Survival Kit - needs

The French Survival Kit, it is 21 sheets (78 pages) that condense communication strategies in French (14 sheets) and offer the essential phrases to meet the basic needs in French (7 sheets), with links to the 70 short audio files.

With the French Survival Kit,

  • you will be aware that communication in a foreign language does not only depend on a long list of words and a large number of grammar rules,

  • you will have gained confidence to finally dare to speak French, even if you are a beginner,

  • you will have save time because you’ll be able to take matters into your own hands instead of waiting for things to happen,

  • you will enjoy having a conversation with a French speaker, because communication will have become a game,

  • you will be able to leave without worry on a trip to a French-speaking country, because you will have the tools to better than survive, to live serenely your stay abroad.

You will be happy, confident and proud of yourself
when you have the opportunity to speak French!

What do the sheets look like?

To get a concrete idea of the sheets, here is a strategy sheet « simplify your speech » and a basic need sheet « eat and drink »:
(click on the thumbnails to read the pdf files)

French Survival Kit #4 - StrategyFrench Survival Kit #15 - needs

And yet,

  • … it would be great if you were no longer afraid to speak French (even that of a beginner),

  • … you dream of being comfortable in French,

  • … it would be great if people could admire your insurance in French.

In short, you are eager to speak French
whatever your level in French.

In the French Survival Kit, you will find:

=> 14 sheets about French Communication Strategies : What you have to do to master your communication in French

# 1 – How to start. What mindset do you need to start using the sheets?
# 2 – The essential basic interactions. Mastering the essential interactions in a survival situation
# 3 – Non-linguistic strategies. How to Communicate without speaking
# 4 – Simplify your speech. Why complicate life when you can keep it simple
# 5 – The importance of context. Without context no communication, no life
# 6 – When you miss a word. Don’t block and use some tips and tricks
# 7 – Instead of unknown words. Use other words that are simply known
# 8 – Invent words. Be creative to survive better
# 9 – Transparent words. Don’t forget to use the words common to both languages
# 10 – Ask questions. To be successful in your survival, know how to ask questions
# 11 – Communication check. Make sure communication is good
# 12 – To answer question. Your survival will also depend on your answers
# 13 – Double your French proficiency with the negation. Knowing how to say no can save your life
# 14 – Describe. With description, no need for pocket dictionary

with links to audio files

French Survival Kit - strategies


=> 7 sheets about French Basic Needs : the essential sentences to meet your primary needs in French

# 15 – Eat and drink. The basics for not dying of hunger or thirst
# 16 – Sleep. Without sleep, you die, so it’s important to know where to sleep
# 17 – Get dressed. Knowing how to fight against cold, against heat, against the eyes of others
# 18 – Health. Essential, of course
# 19 – Communicate. Easy access to technical means of communication
# 20 – Safety. Enforcing distances and asking others for help
# 21 – Meet people. Human beings remain social animals

with links to audio files

French Survival Kit - basic needs

Before going on holiday to France, Kate had only learned French at school. It was far and of course insufficient. But she knew how to prepare herself with the right tools, but above all with the right mindset and the right strategies. In France, with her husband Matthew, they went to Brittany, and to Paris of course. There, they met Matthew’s former fellow students, as Matthew studied for a year in France. Kate wowed her husband. Even though Kate’s French was not perfect, she was not afraid to speak. Matthew was amazed to see that Kate could use unsuspected resources to make herself understood. Kate was able to participate in all the discussions in a good mood. Kate is really happy with herself: with the right tools and the right mindset, she went beyond her comfort zone, and it worked.


The French Survival Kit, not only a tool to survive in a French-speaking country, but also and especially a mean to improve your fluency in French.

The launch price : 27 € (29 USD)

(note that this price will increase soon when adding more additional content)

27€ - I want the French survival Kit

To recap, the French Survival Kit

  • help you take the plunge: finally be able to speak in French

  • provide you with the tools to get you out of basic situations in French (survive)

  • allow you to improve your French through practice

  • accompany you towards a feeling of satisfaction and pride: you are someone who dares to speak French, even to strangers

  • and in addition, the French Survival Kit have humor (ah! you are curious …)

In addition to all this, I offer you two free bonuses:

# Bonus 1: 9 basic verbs for basic interactions

If you remain passive in a survival situation, there is little chance that it will work for you. You have to be « active ». These 9 basic verbs – essential for French – will allow you to be active, to be enterprising, to take charge of your destiny as a young speaker in French.
[9 basic verbs with essentials sentences – 6 pages – audio available]

French Survival Kit #22 - Bonus 1

# Bonus 2: Tips from polyglots

Six polyglots give their best tips not only to survive in a French-speaking country, but also to get in touch with the population and to take the opportunity to learn French better?

French Survival Kit #23 - Bonus 2

The launch price : 27 € (29 USD)

This price will increase soon when adding more additional content.

27€ - I want the French survival Kit




Next price : 37 € (41 USD) for the second version of the French Survival Kit with more extra content (text, extra vocabulary, extra information) on the blog.

Last price : 47 € (52 USD) for the third version of the French Survival Kit with even more additional content (more information, more exercises to train and put strategies and techniques into practice, videos)

AND… after taking the launch price, 27 € (29 USD), you will be benefit for free of the future supplements. You’ll even be notified of the addition of new content.

How will I receive the French Survival Kit?

It’s simple and easy: once you have clicked on the payment button, you will be directed to a boutique area to pay for the French Survival Kit. The shop will then give you access to a member area where you will find the files and the audio files. That’s it, it’s not complicated.

You can also directly fill in the order form below which will give you access, after payment, to the member area to take advantage of the files and audio files.

Do you have any questions ?
Do you have any doubts?
Do you want more information about the French Survival Kit?
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