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Daily French Quiz

I love games. And I especially like games that test my knowledge. Quizzes are perfect in this case.

But a language quiz? About grammar?

No, not at all!

I know that when you start learning French, you mainly want to be able to express yourself in everyday language. So I find it more interesting to offer you French questions in a conversational form.

The quiz question is a question that you might be asked in a conversation in French.

And among the 3 answer options, there is THE RIGHT answer that you should say to answer your interlocutor.

So here are some French quiz questions from the Daily French Quiz.
But then, suppose you don’t choose the right answer… What to do if you want to progress?
It’s very simple, just read the explanations I provide afterwards.

Now here are the questions. Have fun!

Question numéro 1

Question numéro 2

Question numéro 3

Question numéro 4

Question numéro 5

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