Welcome to the Français illustré !

With the Français illustré, you will be able to learn French in a simple and natural way.

No more grammar books!
Never again long lists of vocabulary to learn!
Forget the endless exercises of school books!

The Français illustré offers videos and interactive exercises to learn French while having fun.

The secret ?

The Français illustré use illustrations that allow you to easily understand spoken and written French.

Click here to watch the video that explains the principle of the Français illustré (in English and French).

How to use the Français illustré?

1. Watch as often as possible the videos of the Français illustré.

2. When you have understood a video, watch the video again and repeat the words you hear while looking at the illustrations.

3. Occasionally do the interactive games of the Français illustré.

With a video a day, it’s after six months more than 1000 basic French sentences that you’ll be able to assimilate … Very useful for holidays, for school, for studies, for informal conversations at work …

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