You are currently viewing Bien compris ? vidéos 207 et 208

Bien compris ? vidéos 207 et 208

Did you watch the videos 207 and 208 about Luuk ?

Drag and drop – and let me see if you understand the following sentences… 🙂

How did you find these exercises? Tell me how I can help you even better …

à bientôt, Jérôme

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    Bonjour Jérôme,

    Exercice très intéressant. Merci beaucoup !


    1. Jérôme Paul

      Merci Malika…

  2. Vera

    Bonsoir jérôme, I like your method to teach. Merci

    1. Jérôme Paul

      Bonjour Vera, Merci beaucoup… If you like it, share it (merci)

  3. David Cain

    I like your presentation very much. It looks like a good way to improve my french. I realise that your introduction has to be expressed in simple form. I would like to build on the knowledge of french I already have so hope your scheme will allow me to do this . My present standard is about or a little above that of the old O level, now GCSE (if you are familiar with UK education standards!)

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