If you want to describe a person, you can use physical characteristics, but also, of course, their clothing.

Here is a small illustrated lexicon of clothing in French:

la chemise une chemise

le pull un pull

le t-shirt un t-shirt

la robeune robe

la jupe

le pantalon

le manteau un manteau

les chaussettes des chaussettes

les chaussures les chaussures

les chaussures à talon des chaussures à talon

And of course you can combine these clothes with colors.

But what do you say if you want to make a sentence ?

For yourself:

J’ai un pantalon bleu.

jeavoirun pantalonbleu

You can also say: « Je porte un pantalon bleu. » (I am wearing blue trousers.)

For others:

Elle a une robe rose.

elleavoirune roberose

Il a un t-shirt vert.

ilavoirun t-shirtvert

To learn some words, try this memory

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