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Non, non, non !

Learn French: Dare to say no in French !

– Tu vas à Paris ?

Non, je ne vais pas à Paris.

Je vais à Bruxelles.

– C’est pour les vacances ?

Non, ce n’est pas pour les vacances.

C’est pour le travail.

– Tu prends l’avion ?

Non, je ne prends pas l’avion.

Je prends le train.

– Bon voyage !

Now try to say no in French (saying sentences)

I hope the video gave you a good input. Now you can practice. Here are some questions. Answer by saying no with a sentence. We start with two examples. Pay attention to the colors (blue and red – green and red): the negation changes according to the form of the words. Good luck!

exemple 1

Tu joues au foot ?
Non, je ne joue pas au foot.

exemple 2

Tu aimes écouter la radio ?
Non, je n'aime pas écouter la radio.

C’est à toi (your turn)

Pay attention to the colors!

Answer the questions: say no with a sentence. Then click on the arrow to the right of the image to see if you are correct.

This is a good start to say NO in French. If you want to know more about all the ways to say no in French, leave a comment or send me a message (

Watch and listen to this video for more examples… And by the way… it’s delicious!

J'adore les pâtisseries

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