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Un chat dans la gorge – vidéo 190

Learn French : I have a cold

Je suis enrhumé.
J’ai un peu mal à la tête.
Mon nez coule.
J’ai mal à la gorge.
Ma voix est cassée.
En français, on dit : « J’ai un chat dans la gorge. »
Je bois de l’eau chaude avec du citron et du gingembre.

Doing grammar without realizing it …

A. Is it a word with ‘LA’ (for example : LA tête), then say :

mal à la tête - mal à la gorge

B. Is it a word with ‘LE’ (for example : LE dos), then say :

mal au dos - mal au ventre

C. Is it the first letter of the word a vowel (A.E.I.O.U.), then say:

mal à l'oreille droite

D. Do you mean more than one thing (plural), then say:

mal aux dents


Behind the scenes of the Français illustré

Do you want to know everything about this video?
When I wanted to do my new video, I had a cold. I was hoarse. My first reaction was to say: it’s a disaster! I can not record my video with this voice. My second reaction was much better: How will I find a solution? So I had the idea to write a short story in which I said that I have a cold. I like when a problem becomes a source of creation. Do you have similar examples?


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