• Did you learn French at school, but you didn’t remember anything, or not much?
  • Have you suffered in front of grammar books?
  • Have you lost happy hours during homework?
  • You have always been told that learning a foreign language is tedious and that it is not always funny!

Still, you would like to learn French, but not like that!

  • You want to have fun!
  • You want to avoid too many grammar explanations and too long vocabulary lists!
  • You want to learn French in the most natural way possible!
  • You want to learn French without almost really realizing it!

So, Le français illustré is for you. A simple and natural way, alternative but also fun to learn French.

Le français illustré, c’est quoi ?

Watch this video to get an idea about the Français illustré

« Jérôme: What do you enjoy in the videos / the approach of the Français illustré ?
Wendy Maxwell: I would have to look a little more deeply into the methodology – but I do really think that the visuals are a fantastic support for students as, like the gestures, they pass directly to meaning without translation! »

 Le français illustré, c’est qui ?

Le Français illustré, c’est moi : Jérôme.

créateur du français illustré - Jérôme Paul

I am the creator of illustrated French.
I make French illustrated videos.
I still want to make a lot of videos.
I’m French, but I live in the Netherlands.
I’m a French teacher …
… and I write books to learn French.

If you want to know why I created the Français illustré, read my story by clicking here.

Watch this video to get another idea about me 😉

« I’ve been using the Français illustré regularly since the first video and practice reading and writing at the same time. The Français illustré has increased my motivation to study French since I realized that it would be easy and quick to learn with simple and elaborate texts.
I recommend the Français illustré to my friends who study French. »
César Mendes, Brazil

Comment apprendre le françaisPour apprendre le français

What is Le français illustré?
It’s now two hundred videos on Youtube.
Two hundred videos? That’s great !
Yes, it’s great for learning French.
With the illustrations, you understand easily.
And you easily learn French.
Watching one video a day is good.
Watching and rehearsing three videos a day is better.
On the blog, there are also interactive games to improve your French in a fun way.

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Watch this video to get another explination about my videos

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