Why is it important to draw attention to French?

Simply to get in touch with French speakers and thus be able to speak French! But this, of course, is useful in practical situations (you want to ask a question) or in emergency situations (calling for help).

let’s establish three levels

Level Green

Hello = Bonjour

Excuse-me = Excusez-moi

I beg your pardon. = Je vous demande pardon.

Please = S’il vous plaît

Level Orange

I have a question. = J’ai une question.

I have a problem. = J’ai un problème.

I would like to ask you something. = Je voudrais vous demander quelque chose.

Can you help me? = Pouvez-vous m’aider ?

Level Red

Help ! = A l’aide !

And now try it ! ‘Speak to the computer’

Attention: for this exercise you must use the Google Chrome Browser.

Do you plug in your microphone?

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