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L’histoire de Jane et de Jack

Imagine Jane and Jack

This is Jane.


Jane is learning French. She is not a beginner. Yet she has never spoken French. Why not? Because she is afraid to speak and make mistakes. She is afraid of not having a good accent. She is afraid that people will not take her seriously. She is afraid of being laughed at. She knows this is stupid. She knows that this fear has slowed down her mastery of French enormously. And to think that her dream is to speak French!

And here is Jack.


Jack is a bit stubborn. French lessons at school were not for him. And after school, he didn’t speak a word of French. Afterwards, he regretted it a little, but he decided to learn French again. On his own, with books and training on the Internet, he tried to relearn French. Very quickly, he realized that he was missing something. The books and online courses did not give him any feedback. How could he know if he had learned well? How could he put what he had learned into practice?

Now Jane has found a course on the internet that prepares her for a conversation in French in a safe setting, with a specialist she has been quietly getting to know throughout the course. Jane is still a little scared, but she knows that she will be welcomed in a caring way. She is happy.

Jane est contente

Jack has also found what he needed: an online course with a Zoom session at the end with the creator of the course who will allow him to put his French into practice and give him personalized feedback. He is happy.

Jack est satisfait

After the 30-minute conversation with Jerome, the creator of the My Very First Real French Conversation course, Jane is very happy. And she is proud of herself. She has spoken French!

Jack is really satisfied. He finally found his way to learn French: online courses to learn on your own and then tailor-made feedback with the creator of the training. He even thinks of taking conversation lessons with Jérôme by Zoom.

My very first real French conversation

Do like Jane: get over your fear of speaking French in a safe environment and be proud of yourself.

Do like Jack: enjoy training with personalized feedback.

This is what the ‘My very first real French conversation’ course is all about. To find out more, click here.

à bientôt, Jérôme

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