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Quelle nationalité ? – vidéo 213

Learn French : Countries where French is spoken

Voilà mon ami.

Il s’appelle Jean.

Il parle français.

– Il est français ?

Non, il n’est pas français.

– Il est belge ?

Non, il n’est pas belge.

– Il est suisse ?

Non, il n’est pas suisse.

– Il habite en Afrique francophone ?

Non, il habite au Canada.

– Il est québécois ?

Oui, il habite à Québec.

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La francophonie

You know it, we don’t speak French only in France. Belgium, Canada, Switzerland and many African countries have French as their first or second language. The French language is spoken on the 5 continents.

There is even a word to designate this phenomenon: la francophonie

the Francophonie in figures :

  • 300 Millions of French-speakers in the world
  • 88 States and governments make up the International Organisation of La Francophonie
  • 5th world language
  • 132 Million learners of and in French
  • 4th Language on the Internet

(source :

So in addition to being one of your passions, learning French can also be very useful all over the world.

Of course, there are small variations in the French language depending on the country. For example, the way of counting can change from one country to another. How?

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One of your greatest pride would be to be able to say in French what your nationality is and what languages you speak. No problem, the « My very first real French conversation » training allows you to achieve this goal. Click here for more information.

My very first real French conversation

A bientôt, Jérôme

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