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Une faim de loup – vidéo 98

Learn French : to be very hungry

J’ai une faim de loup.
J’ai un bon repas pour ce soir.
Je mange des spaghettis avec des boulettes de viande.
Dans mon assiette, j’ajoute des rondelles de tomates.
C’est bon, mais avec du poivre, c’est meilleur.
Je bois trois verres d’eau.
Pour le dessert, je vais prendre une pomme ou une poire.

Qu'est-ce que tu as mangé aujourd'hui ?

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French people and food, une histoire d’amour

The French and the food is really something. It’s downright a love story…
Of course, you know the reputation of French cuisine in the world.
Of course, you know that the French are proud of their cuisine and French products, such as their wines, their cheeses and their breads.
Of course, you know the snails and frog legs that the French love to eat.
Of course, you know that the stars of the great restaurants are given by a French organization (the Michelin Guide).
… do you know that the words « gourmand, gourmet, gastronome » are French words?
… do you know that one of the favorite topics of conversations for French people when they are at the table is food?
… do you know that the lunch break is long in France (sometimes 90 minutes) because you have to take the time to eat well and a hot meal?
… do you know that a pleasant meal is preceded by an aperitif (a drink that stimulates appetite and appetizers) and is followed by a digestive (coffee and strong alcohol or liqueur)?

If you don’t want to eat now because you’re following a diet, maybe you would like to talk about … drinking ? So watch this video about French wines by clicking here

Les vins français - vidéo 200 Le français illustré

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