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Learn Basic French effectively: a foolproof method

Starting the journey of French learning

When you start learning French, it is best to learn the most common words of the French language. With this basic French, made up of the most useful words in French, you will be able to have your first conversations with French speakers.

A key element

Learning vocabulary is a key element in mastering a foreign language. The problem is often that you learn words and forget them quite easily if you don’t use them, if you don’t revise
them regularly.

une clé

Boring !

The most studious learners spend a lot of time revising their vocabulary lists. But lists, even with spaced repetition, are boring! Certainly, there are applications on the internet that facilitate the revision of these lists. However, these are still lists of words.

Learn French Vocabulary beter by reading very short stories

What would you say if you could revise a specific vocabulary while exercising written comprehension of French and becoming familiar with the basic structures of French?
This is what I propose here with « Learn Basic French effectively: a foolproof method».

500 French words and 16 texts

I suggest you revise the 500 most common French words by having fun with very short stories. First of all you learn the words of a text as you are used to doing and with the technique that suits you best. Then, a day later, instead of revising the list of these words, you read the text that is written with those words.

If you understand everything, you have retained all the words.
If you are no longer very sure of the meaning of a word, the context will help you understand it without needing the list.
If, finally, you no longer understand a word at all, then take the list and only relearn that word (not the others).


In less than a month

First day:
Learn the first list.
Second day:
Read the first text.
Check if you understand all the words.
Learn the second list.
Third day:
Read texts one and two.
Check if you understand all the words.
Learn the third list.
And so on.

Be better equipped

And you will be better equipped to have your first conversations in everyday French.
This 500 word and 16 text method is what you need to get a good start in learning French.

avoir une conversation

In less than a month you will have learned and retained the 500 most useful words of French, you will have become familiar with the basic structures of French and you will have had a good training in reading French. And you will be better equipped to have your first conversation in everyday French.

This method of 500 words and 16 texts is what you need to know to have a good start in French learning.

Ebook or Paperback

If you are interested, you can find the method on
Ebook version or paper version.
Just click on this picture.

Dutch is your mother tong ! Geen problem ! Er bestaat ook een Nederlandse versie van het boek: Frans effectief leren. Je kunt het vinden … hier

This is a paperback book is of good quality and covers basic French.

There is a list of French words with their English translation side by side so that you can easily cover either list to learn the equivalent. Then there is a short passage in French using the words in the list.

I enjoyed being able to translate the French passages so easily, picking up new words and learning the meaning of words that had confused me. I have found it a good way to consolidate my basic French.

I have looked for similar books in Spanish and for more advanced French but could not find any.



If you buy «Learn Basic French effectively: a foolproof method», you can receive the audio version of the 16 texts for free.

Invest in yourself!

By buying this method, you are not only investing in a book, but above all you are investing in yourself … and that is precious!

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