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Learn basic French : 201 videos to really help you in 7 hours

All the basics you need in French

The Français illustré, it is seven hours of comprehensible input spread over 201 videos, containing more than 1,600 sentences and more than 10,000 cumulative words representing a basic French vocabulary of more than 1000 words. This is what the Français illustré offers to those who want to learn French. It’s all the basics you need.

A method for learning French

The Français illustré rest on a teaching technique based on the ‘comprehensible input’. To acquire a language, nothing beats the fact that you understand what you hear, what you read, what you learn. The illustrations of the Français illustré offer you this support for understanding. The combination of words and illustrations not only promotes understanding, but also retention of words and their meaning. The Français illustré offer you a easy and natural way to learn French, better : a very good way to acquire French.

How it works

More than 1600 basic French sentences

These more than seven hours of video contain more than 1600 sentences of basic French. These sentences are everything every beginner in French needs to know. It is not only essential French with the most common French verbs, but it is also daily French, the French of daily conversations. It is also a French pronunciation included in sentences (said by a native speaker) and not in a list of isolated words.

All videos are available on the YouTube channel Le français illustré

The themes of everyday French

This consequent body of videos deals with the main themes of daily life: French greeting, how to introduce yourself in French, the vocabulary of the body and clothing, the vocabulary of the house, daily routines in French, hobbies, work, food, weather and seasons, time, colors and numbers. In short, everything that constitutes the subjects of everyday French.

Some examples of thematic playslists:

French words in context

One of the great interests of the videos of the Français illustré is that this basic vocabulary of more than 1000 words is offered in context. There is not only the context of the sentences, but also the context of a very short story. A word in the context of a sentence takes on all its importance both in terms of meaning and in terms of French grammar and French pronunciation.

Then, inserted into a story, words acquire another dimension: a natural, obvious dimension, which facilitates their understanding and their retention. The very short stories also seek to interest the learner, to sharpen his curiosity, and if possible to make him laugh a little. These very short stories in French bring a little more pleasure in learning French. And that’s very important.

What does Professor Karin Martin at the Carinthian University of Applied Sciences say about the Français illustré ? Read her testimony by clicking here.

More than just videos

The Français illustré’s blog offers not only videos, but also interactive games, podcasts and additional content (vocabulary, audio files, easy French text, French culture). In addition, if you become a member of the Club of the Français illustré, you have access to the Club’s digital library with many exclusive content that will speed up your learning of French.

Some examples of other contents :

Become a member of the Club du Français illustré by clicking here


The Français illustré, to try it is to love it!

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If you are interested in how and why I came to the idea of the Français illustré, read this by clicking here.

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